Al Safeer mall Ajman is strategically located opposite Ajman University in Noaimia, Safeer Mall is spread over 220,000 sq. ft. and houses 4 anchor stores, a hypermarket, food court and family entertainment center, all owned and promoted by Al Safeer Group.
A vehicle parking that can take in 450 plus cars comfortably make Safeer Mall, Ajman a more attractive destination for shopping and entertainment.
Safeer mall has almost everything from grocery to furniture or electronics. Brands are budget kind to pick from though. A supermarket section has an amazing range. Ready to be cooked Kababs or meat is really good. The first floor has the food court with the most popular brands. Children play area is also good and not crowded. The mall is quite big enough and it accepts Debit as well as Credit card. The items over here not many expensive ones but they are in quality.
Quite a wide variety of home appliance items and food. The prices are not as high as in Dubai. You can pay with your credit/debit card. Reachable by car, taxi, public transport. Not far from the Ajman beach. Bought tea, tasted good. Be sure to buy and try out the desserts that are sold right beside the fruit area, super tasty. The fruits are good, good quality. I also have bought a variety of different gift boxes with dates. Be sure to grab those as well… taste perfect! Just in case someone will be in search of Saffron, you can buy it in the tobacco sale area on the left side of the cashier.
Ajman may be the smallest emirate but it is slowly and steadily moving on the right path of growth. The air in the city is relaxed and no one is in a hurry to excel. The locals are happy and content in what they have and enjoy being the residents of a rather sleepy emirate. It is this characteristic feature of Ajman that makes it a perfect place for a timeless quiet break.
This place is huge selling EVERYTHING!! Clothes, bags, camping gear, household items, tools, toys, electrics and electronics, lighting, the list goes on and on… oh, there’s also some good food areas. It’s worth a visit if you’re in the area.
You can spend an entire day here if you like shopping! You get almost everything here, from electronics, food items, clothing, footwear, fashion accessories, handbags, makeup, costume jewelry, toys, household articles etc. Most of the stuff is not of great quality, but they are cheap and fancy.
This place is very difficult to rate. In its class, it might be the greatest and from a local shoppers point of view it’s for sure great, but I’m rating it from a traveler’s point of view. Yes, it’s an impressive mall, actually more souq-a-like than the Central Souq in Sharjah. I’m filled with small shops or stand to sell high quality made products designed for the Middle-Eastern market, as they claim. As a tourist, I didn’t find anything of interest, but I enjoyed watching the local people shopping. Outside the mall, you’ll find a couple of food stalls

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