Opera House

There are not many opera houses in Dubai but the one recently opened in the Downtown is sufficient for any kind of rich art and music function. The place is a real beauty located in the heart of Downtown. The building is made like a dhow and it has the ability to get three transformations as a theater , concert hall or as a flat floor. I highly recommend everyone visiting the opera house newly inaugurated with spacious seats and VIP box with every seat. You can enjoy music , drama , ballets , orchestras anything that suits your taste. People can also arrange weddings and feasts at opera house. Opera house’s ability of transformation makes it suitable for theater , opera , ballet , exhibitions , fashions shows ,conferences and art galleries. In theater mode dramas , ballets , orchestras can be arranged. In concert hall mode , the musical concerts are held with exceptional audio and sound quality effects while in flat floor mode it is suitable for weddings , lectures , parties or whatever else.

There is a sky restaurant and rooftop garden as well for those who love watching the awesome Dubai skyline views and have a delicious dinner. If you are free this weekend , or if you are visiting DubaiĀ  dont miss the opportunity to visit state of the art Dubai opera and take away a life long memory with you. It is surely highly recommended spot to be at.

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