Sky Scrappers

If there is any city in world known for its dramatic transformation and speedy construction it is surely Dubai. UAE as a whole and especially Dubai has been transformed in a few decades from barren desert to highest rising buildings skyline. You will find every kind of beauty of construction here either it be residential , commercial or recreational. There is a wild competition for constructing the best and highest possible building with each year passing. Burj al khalifa is nothing short of miracle of this century beating all high rises in the world. Princess tower is second to none residential height with many similar buildings in neighborhood. Emirates tower is another prominent land mark and Address Boulevard is nothing less than any of its competitors. Its hard to count the number of sky scrappers once you enter Down town Dubai. If you are a real fan of high buildings , I recommend you visiting Dubai skyline and try to visit every building with its unique design , features and beauty. Welcome to the world of sky scrappers.

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